Computer Use and Your Eyes





 Everyday I have patients tell me that their new 19” computer screen makes it easier to see the computer. Yes the quality of the monitor is improved but without the proper prescription the image in front of you has just gotten bigger and blurred. For most people their computer monitor sits at approximately eye level. If you are a bifocal wearer this means that when you look straight ahead you are in fact looking through your distance prescription. This can in fact be the cause of tired, blurred and irritated eyes after computer use. In order to see better one must tip the chin up, raising the intermediate or near prescription high enough to get the benefit of the prescription. As you can imagine this action creates other ergonomic problems in the neck, back and shoulders. Computer work is primarily a visual task. By correcting the vision properly many of these computer problems can be eliminated or minimized. Because the computer is a more visually demanding task than reading printed documents, correcting even small amounts of farsightedness or astigmatism is helpful. An analogy I like to use is one would not wear shorts and a T-shirt in a snow storm. You need to prepare for the weather just like you need to prepare for work. The Doctors at Nasa Vision Center can help prepare you for work by performing a computer vision analysis. Call the office to schedule an appointment.

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