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The Doctors at Nasa Vision specialize in contact lens fitting. Contact lens fitting is a large part of the practice. An initial examination will determine if the patient is a suitable contact lens candidate and what type of contact would be best.

Nasa Vision Center has contact lenses available for just about any prescription. We fit all types of soft contact lenses - disposables, planned replacement, lenses for astigmatism, colored contacts, 30 day extended wear, as well as gas permeable lenses. Bifocal contacts are available for those individuals who have reading problems. Call and schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

Nasa Vision Center makes it easy to try contact lenses by supplying free diagnostic lenses.

The Doctors of Nasa Vision has three goals for their contact lens wearers:

  • Clear vision
  • Comfortable contact lenses
  • Healthy eyes while wearing your contact lenses

If you or the doctor are not completely satisfied with your contact lenses we will buy them back within 3 months of the contact lens fitting.

Keratoconus is a degenerative condition of the cornea (The clear front portion of the eye) that causes the front of the eye to take on an irregular or cone-like shape. The most common symptom is “ghost images” especially when viewing bright objects in a dark environment.  Other common symptoms are: frequently changing prescriptions or the feeling of needing to rub you eye often. Unlike normal astigmatism or nearsightedness, many cases of keratoconus are not always fully correctable by glasses. For the best possible visual results, specially designed contact lenses are often needed, and in extreme cases sometimes surgical intervention.Dr. Thomas and Dr. Sommers have all the tools and skills necessary to properly diagnose keratoconus. This is done through careful examination of the front of your eye, as well as instruments that generate topographic maps of your cornea. Once a diagnosis is made they can help to present you with your treatment options, as well as design and fit you with the most advanced contact lens technologies in order to make the most of your sight.If you have a constantly changing prescription, issues seeing at night even with your glasses, or feel the need to rub your eyes more often than you think you should, then give us a call and schedule an examination.
Do you have mild to moderate myopia (nearsightedness) and wish that you could go through your day without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses or the risks of refractive surgery? If so, then Orthokeratology, also known as corneal reshaping treatment, may be for you.Non-Surgical Corneal Reshaping Treatment can be achieved through the use of special contact lenses that you wear only while sleeping, similar to the way a dental retainer can re-position ones teeth. Once removed in the morning patients find that their distance vision is nice and clear for the whole day without any need for glasses or contacts.Orthokeratology has also been shown to help slow the progression of nearsightedness in children, and is one of the many tools that Dr. Thomas and Dr. Sommers can employ to help your children see their best. Not needing glasses or contacts to see can also be very beneficial in many sports, and because the procedure is fully reversible it can be performed far earlier than refractive surgery.If you wish to discover if you are a candidate for this amazing technology, call and schedule an appointment to speak to one of our doctors.
In our increasingly technological age dry eyes have become a problem for people of all ages. Constant use of computers and digital devices is very demanding on the visual system. Do your eyes burn or water as the day wears on? Do you work on a computer for more than 5 hours a day? Perhaps you work outdoors in the hot Texas sun? Or maybe your eyes just feel tired and red at the end of the day.Before you reach for one of those “get the red out” drops, you should consider speaking to one of our doctors. While dry eyes may seem like a common and benign occurrence, the repetitive strain caused by consistently dry eyes can lead to damage to the front of your eyes, and sometimes even reduction in your vision (especially your night vision). And those redness relief drops may even do more damage to your eyes.Our tears are far more complicated than just some salt water. They are in fact made up of 3 very distinct layers: Mucous, water and oil. Problems with any of these layers can lead to dry eyes, and the solution for each problem can be very different. Bacteria, hormone changes, inflammation, parasites and even some of the medicines you are currently taking could be leading to your dry, tired eyes. Dr Thomas and Dr. Sommers are well versed in the many medical and home treatments that can help you in the fight against dry eyes.If you feel that you are having issues with dry, tired or scratchy eyes, give us a call and schedule an appointment to see one of our doctors.

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