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It is likely that every one of us knows a family worker or family member who is enjoying improved vision due to a new laser vision correction procedure called LASIK (laser intrastromal keratomileusis). Thousands of men and women, who have worn glasses or contacts for years for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, have reduced or virtually eliminated their need to wear corrective lenses. LASIK uses computer driven technology to reshape the cornea (the front surface of the eye) so that light is refracted properly to the retina (back of the eye). An instrument called a microkeratome lifts a thin flap of the cornea. The FDA approved Excimer laser then reshapes the cornea and the flap is gently replaced. The actual laser procedure takes just minutes to perform, is not painful and most people enjoy improved vision the next day.

Dr. Melissa Sommers considers LASIK safe and effective and recommend the procedure for their patients who qualify. They work in partnership with surgeons who perform the procedure. Sommers does the preoperative examinations and counseling as well as the postoperation follow-ups. The eyes are monitored for months to ensure continued health.

It is important to have reasonable expectations with LASIK. The goal is to get as close to normal vision as possible and have good uncorrected vision. It is more reasonable to expect that you will need some form of correction to help you see. Also LASIK can not prevent your eyes changing in the future, nor does it eliminate the need for bifocals. LASIK will greatly reduce your dependency on glasses and probably allow you to play sport, socialize and go to the beach without any correction. But it may not be absolutely perfect, and if you are very picky about your vision and expect perfect 20/20 uncorrected vision, this procedure may not be for you unless you modify your expectations. That said, we have many patients who are really enjoying the freedom that LASIK has afforded them.

LASIK costs about $2000 per eye and there are financing plans available. For more details contact the office at 281-332-0698.

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